Vaccination Clinic

Keats’ Vaccination Clinic is led by Dr Marion Harvey BPHarm PhD MRPharmS. Marion started the Clinic in 2011. She has more than 30 years experience as a pharmacist, over half of that as owner of Keats.

At the Clinic we aim to provide a professional, friendly and personal service, backed up by reasonable prices. Clinic users are all seen by Marion personally (save for some flu inoculations).

Using our convenient service

Vaccinations and travel advice can be given with or without a prior appointment.

  • Walk-In Service

    This is usually available during our normal working hours (except Wednesdays and Saturdays).

    (Note: If coming from outside the area we suggest to call first).

  • Appointments

    These can be made either by telephone to 020 7435 0587 or in person at the Pharmacy. You can also submit a request for an appointment online - please click here.

All vaccinations and advice are given in the privacy of our Consulting Room.

Please note stocks of particular vaccines may not always be available.

Travel Vaccination

Marion will first carry out a personal travel health consultation with you. She will advise you on any vaccinations you should have based on your specific travel plans and past vaccination history. She will also give travel health advice.

No charge is made at Keats for the travel health consultation when vaccinations or anti-malarials are supplied. All Clinic users receive our Travel Health Information leaflet, filled with tips to help you stay healthy when abroad.

Students and Children going on overseas school trips receive a 5% discount on travel vaccinations and 10% on travel health products, subject to proof of eligibility.

Children can be vaccinated from 12 months, depending on the vaccine.

It is advisable to see us 6 – 8 weeks before travel.

Other Vaccinations Available At Keats

We also give Meningitis B, Chicken Pox, Flu and MMR vaccines. Both adults and children. And for adults, Shingles.


Travel Health Consultation Price
With supply of vaccine or anti-malarial prophylaxis Included
Without any treatment / prophylaxis £20
Travel Vaccinations Price (per dose)
Cholera (oral) £27
DTP (Diphtheria / Tetanus / Polio) £32
Hepatitis A £48
Paediatric Hepatitis A £45
Hepatitis B £40
Paediatric Hepatitis B £32
Hepatitis A + B £75
Paediatric Hepatitis A + B (two or three courses) £70
Hepatitis A + Typhoid £80
Japanese Encephalitis £92
Meningitis ACWY £70
Rabies £65-70
Tick borne Encephalitis £70
Typhoid £33
Typhoid Oral £38
Yellow Fever £64
(Yellow Fever exemption or replacement certificate £15)
Other Vaccinations Price (per dose)
Chicken Pox £70
Flu £15
Flu - Nasal Spray £38
PPV 23 £50
HPV - Gardasil 9 £160
Meningitis B £115
MMR £35
Shingles £160

Note: A course of more than one dose may be required with some vaccines.

Anti-Malarial Prophylaxis Price
Doxycycline 100mgs (50 capsules) £30
Lariam (8 tablets) £33
Malarone - Generic (12 Tablets) £30
Malarone (12 tablets) £36
Malarone paediatric (12 tablets) £18
Paludrine / Avloclor (112 tablets) £17

All prices above subject to change without notice.

Travel Health Products

A range of travel health aids is available for purchase in the Pharmacy including:

  • Repellent sprays
  • Water purification tablets
  • Mosquito nets
  • Bite and sting treatments
  • First aid kits
  • Electrolyte replacements
  • Sun screen

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